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The FCJJ-29 WindPitch by Horizon Fuel Cell is a miniature real-working wind turbine (wind power generator) designed for students to evaluate the pitch (setting angle) of the profiled blades.

Up to 12 profile blades can be installed for evaluation. Learn how the blade pitch and number of blades affect the power output of the wind turbine to maximize the output power. Experimentation also teaches about stalling or reduction of the wind turbine's rotational speed to protect itself under strong wind conditions.

WindPitch includes 3 different types of profiled blades and 1 type of Poly-propylene sheet blades in a complete package that allows many blade parameters to be evaluated.The special 3 Phase AC alternator used in the WindPitch is similar to the one used in real commercial wind turbine. WindPitch comes with an LED Voltmeter / Music Maker Module to demonstrate the power created from the wind energy in the form of musical sounds and illuminated LED lights. Contained inside is a complete curriculum on wind energy with easy to follow experiment manual, assembly guide, and background history on the technology and wind power generators.

WindPitch Education Kit Contents (FCJJ-29) 

  • WindPitch turbine body
  • Rotor head for profiled blades
  • 9 profiled blades for turbine (3 sets of 3 types)
  • Rotor head adapter for sheet blades
  • 3 polypropylene sheet blades for turbine
  • Turbine Support base
  • Aluminum wind turbine post
  • LED Voltmeter/Music Maker Module
  • Assembly instructions
CD-ROM with renewable energy curriculum manuals



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